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Simply place 1-2 Persil non bio capsules (depending on load size and water hardness) at the back of your washing machine drum before adding your clothes on top. Choose the correct wash settings according to the care label of your garments and let your machine take care of the rest. Note: Do not rip, tear or pierce the capsules – the outer layer will dissolve in the wash.

  • 15 wash
  • 26 wash
  • 32 wash
  • 40 wash
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Persil 3 in 1 Bio Washing Capsules provide 7 days of freshness that lasts with outstanding stain removal even in cold washes with a powerful clean 1st time. These capsules are Persil’s fastest dissolving capsule, even in quick and cold washes, with a †powerful concentrated clean with less chemicals in every capsule**. The formula in these laundry detergent capsules is designed to be gentle on your clothes because a laundry detergent that’s tough on stains doesn’t have to be tough on clothes too. Persil laundry capsules will leave the whole family with fresh and clean clothes time and time again. Our 3 in 1 capsules are now in recyclable plastic-free packaging, have a lower carbon footprint per capsule** and contain plant based stain removers and biodegradable ingredients.

We have conducted a full Life Cycle Assessment by an independent sustainability expert and our new Persil capsules in cardboard boxes have a minimum 20% lower carbon footprint (full life cycle excluding use phase) than our previous capsules in plastic tubs, whilst delivering the same great clean. Our formulations versus our previous formulations have a minimum 16% carbon footprint reduction. Our packaging (cardboard) versus our previous packaging (plastic tub) has a minimum 39% carbon footprint reduction.


  • Persil 3in1 Bio washing capsules provide a powerful clean 1st time and 7 days of freshness that lasts.
  • These capsules provide an outstanding stain removal even in cold washes and are Persil’s fastest dissolving capsules.
  • These capsules are now in recyclable plastic-free packaging*.
  • Persil’s washing capsules contain plant based stain removers and biodegradeble ingredients and provide a lower carbon footprint per capsule**.
  • Our 3in1 capsules are created to care for your family’s clothes in one convenient pre-measured dose.

**Vs previous capsule in plastic tub *Excluding glues and varnishes


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