Heineken Beer Bottle (24btls X 330ml)

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Heineken Beer is a pale beer with a forecast famous brand around the world as it is accessible in more than 200 nations. Its uniqueness is down to the developing strategy of an extraordinary yeast that creates a one-of-a-kind aroma and taste. Heineken brew has a full taste and a unique smell of hops and malt. It is a lager beer that contains 5% alcohol.

There is a legend that said that the font for the letter “e” in the Heineken beer label was made to seem more friendly to women and eventually the letter “e” was changed to appear like it was smiling.



Gerard Heineken built a brewery and set about perfecting the recipe that would soon become Holland’s first ‘premium’ lager beer. Word quickly spread and the name Heineken, stamped onto every single bottle, became a national symbol of quality. The history of Heineken is the history of development in lager brewing. From 1873 when Gerard Heineken set out to form the extreme premium lager beer, to the present day beneath the attentive eye of ace brewer Willem Van Waesberghe. Heineken’s famous taste comes from its effortlessness, quality, and commitment to the natural ingredients: the idealized mixture of malt, grain, hops, and their own extraordinary A-Yeast.


Tasting Notes


Light Golden with a clear appearance


Biscuity malts, Hints of ripe sweet corn, and fruity notes


Distinct sweetness from the malts


Slightly hoppy



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