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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is making a big splash in 2023 with its first-ever global marketing campaign and a bold packaging graphics makeover.

A new multifaceted creative platform shows how Sprite Zero Sugar helps fans stay cool when “heat happens” with the crisp, lemon-lime refreshment they want and expect from Sprite, but without the sugar.

“Gen Z-ers lead busy, on-the-go lives and have very little tolerance for distractions or anything they consider to be non-essential,” said Aaliyah Shafiq Ely, Sparkling Flavors Category Lead. “They want to bypass things they don’t have time or energy for and cut straight to the good stuff. That’s essentially what Sprite Zero Sugar does by delivering the essentials of crisp flavor and nothing more.”

A new TV titled “Train Station” showcases the non-essentials—specifically, a longwinded ticket taker—standing in the way of a time-pressed protagonist’s essential pursuit of a train ride home. This same witty, irreverent tone comes through new Sprite Zero Sugar out-of-home advertising, point-of-sale communications, experiential activations and more. Sprite’s North America team led the development of the campaign’s creative elements, which markets around the world will adapt for local use.

“Sprite Zero Sugar reflects the brand’s commitment to give our fans the power of choice without sacrificing what’s important to them,” said A.P. Chaney, Director of Creative Strategy. “In a world of shorter attention spans, people are looking for instant gratification. With our new spot and re-brand, we believe that means nixing the unnecessary and getting straight to the great taste and flavor of Sprite Zero Sugar.”


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