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It can be difficult to give laundry the attention it needs. Often sandwiched in between other tasks, it can be rushed and your results can suffer. So how about a way to make the whole laundry process easier to handle?

Ariel Innovations presents, the PODS! Ariel Automatic 3in1 PODS Original put everything you need for a successful laundry process in one small, easy to handle capsule. Instead of worrying about dosing or spilling, you only need to place a single capsule into the bottom of your drum before starting your wash.

Cleans more than 900 laundry combinations

Your wash isn’t as simple as just throwing clothes in the washing machine and being done with it. In fact, there are more than 900 different laundry combinations. With different washing machine load sizes, levels of stain and water hardness, as well as different types of stain, truly clean clothes take a bit more power.

Works with 3 compartments

Ariel Automatic 3in1 PODS Original give you that power with 3 compartments bringing a powerful combination of ingredients to your wash.

These ingredients are kept separate thanks to the special design of the capsules, with the film dissolving quickly in water. That lets the ingredients combine together in your wash to give you the excellent results you would expect from Ariel with less detergent than ever before.

Smaller yet mightier

As such, 3-1 Ariel Pods are the most compact Ariel detergent yet. With no more dosing concerns and less space taken up, these little capsules are our revolution your laundry needed.

Combining the brightness of a powder, the care of liquid and the simplicity of liquidtabs, Ariel Automatic 3in1 PODS Original are here to deliver all round brilliant results to your laundry, every time.

Most importantly, though, you no longer have to worry about dosing.

With Ariel Automatic 3in1 PODS Original, you can be sure to get the same great results for your laundry without the need to spend time measuring out the right dose. Just pop in a capsule, add your laundry, set the wash and hit go.


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